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Ministry Action Teams

Ministry Action Team Program 

A Ministry Action Team is a team of volunteers supported by Trinity Lutheran and is responsible for an event, program, or service. This team is comprised of a leader and group of volunteers. They are charged with carrying out the ministries that support the vision of Trinity Lutheran and are authorized by the Administrative Team of Trinity Lutheran. The leader reports to a member of the Administrative team and the entire team is accountable to the Administrative Team. A Ministry Action Team is united for a common effort that fits the vision of Trinity Lutheran and is responsible to a governing body. 

Ministry Action Teams are listed in one of the following categories: Member Support, Missions and Outreach, and Worship Support. If you are interested in joining one of our Ministry Action Teams (MAT) please contact the team leader. 

Member Support

Care and Keeping 

Team Leader: Kevin Weilnau 734-735-8173

This team makes contact with the congregational members that have shown a marked gap in attendance of worship. This team further shows care and concern for fellow members, builds relationships, offers prayer, and provides referral to the Pastor if additional help is needed. 

Children's Ministry 

Leader: Daniel Potts 734-242-2308

This team helps to share the Good News of Jesus with Trinity's smallest members. 


Team Leader: Myrna Meek 734-241-5021 and Marge Eighmey           734-242-4017

This volunteer group consists of two teams that take turns counting the weekly offering, preparing the bank deposit and taking the deposit to the bank. 

Endowment Committee 

Team Leader: Hal Eighmey 734-242-4017

This group seeks to meet a variety of needs by providing monies generated by the Endowment Fund. Recommendations to the Voter's Assembly are made in accordance with the purpose set out in the Congregation's Constitution. 

Fellowship Time

Team Leader: Sabrina Lemanski 734-497-3407

This team of one schedules groups to provide beverages and snacks for the Fellowship Time between church services on Sunday Mornings. 

Planned Generosity 

Team Leader: Bonnie Mann  734-242-2308

This Team supports the mission of Trinity by equipping individuals and families at various stages of life with knowledge and resources for estate planning - everything from guardianship and trust funds for children, to family financial needs, to generosity to God's family, His church. 


Team Leader: Lavetta Bullock 734-241-7596

The purpose of this group is to provide a helping hand to shut-ins or any member of Trinity with a temporary need. 

Thrivent Connect 

Team Leader: Bonnie Mann 734-242-2308

Trinity members who belong to Thrivent have the opportunity to direct funds to Trinity Church. This group meets periodically (when funds are available) to recommend how these funds are to be used. 

Missions and Outreach 

Alaska VBS

Team Leader: Carmen Whitwam 734-770-8963

Each summer a team shares the Gospel of Christ with residents of Trapper Creek, Alaska by conducting a Vacation Bible School in their community. During the year, volunteers hold fundraising events to help cover the costs associated with the trip. 

Appalachia Servant Event 

Team Leader: Tracey Hackbarth

Each year, a team of youth members from Trinity participate in this event to share the love of God and to help the residents of Appalachia by completing small construction projects. 


Braille Work Center #203

Team Leader: Kevin Weilnau 734-735-8173

This group meets each Saturday morning (except during the summer) to produce portions of the Bible in Braille. 6 people are needed for each work session to man the various stations. Once the books are complete, the Pastors pray over the Bibles during weekly worship services and then they are sent on their way to be a blessing to a visually impaired person. 

Community of Needs Meals 

Team Leaders: Rickie LeGendre 734-625-6240

This team serves a meal each Sunday evening to those in need with the help of a different group of volunteers each week. Jackie and her team will help plan the menu, shop for the items needed, and provide guidance before, during, and after the meal to the individuals serving the meal that week. 

Deinzer Committee

Team Leader: Rich Roussleo 734-474-5210 

This team reviews applications for assistance from the Lucille B. Deinzer Trust Fund for food, clothing, and medical bills and makes recommendations to the Senior Pastor for support in accord with the Trust's guidelines. 

Funeral Lunches 

 This team supports Trinity's mission by offering families a hot, tasty meal and showing them the love and comfort of Jesus. We currently have one team providing these meals, but would like to have an additional team to assist the ministry. 

Jail Ministry

Team Leader: John Krug

This team shares the love and the Word of God each week as they visit prisoners in our local prison. They hold Bible Class, distribute Bibles, and pray with and for the prisoners. 

Ladies Aid 

Team Leader: Marge French, President 734-244-4551

The purpose of Ladies Aid is to develop and maintain greater Christian love among members of the congregation, promote Christian fellowship and give financial assistance to the congregation and support select mission projects. All women members of Trinity are eligible for membership. This group of ladies meets on the second Thursday of the month from September to May. 

Lutheran Women's Missionary League 

Team Leader: Susan Gruber 734-625-5644

LWML is recognized as the official women's auxiliary organization of the LCMS. The purpose of the LWML is to furthur Christ's mission to the world by supporting the work of the church and by providing education, inspiration, and opportunities for service, both at home and in the world. The work of the LWML is accomplished by the voluntary contributions of its members through mite box offerings. The LWML Michigan District support its programs with 75% of the Mite Box offerings and forwards 25% to national LWML for its projects and programs. National LWML has a Mission Goal of $2 million, LWML Michigan District just voted in a goal of $235,000. 

Malotky Mission

Team Leader: Rich Huger 734-289-1214

This team is looking for indiviaduals who have a passion for missions and are available to meet for an hour once or twice a month to plan quarterly projects. The group encourages members of Trinity to be involved in mission work in our community and around the world by raising funds for local and international mission efforts and by offering opportunities for personal involvement providing outreach to the spirtually lost. If you have ideas for a mission you would like to support, please contact a team member on this team.

Media Ministry

Team Leader: Patrick Mullin 734-241-9124

The function of this team is to provide recordings of our weekly worship services. These volunteers record, edit, and make DVD's, TV media and web media.  The recording is available on Trinity's Facebook page, for distribution on DVD's to shut-ins, given to Wellspring for a showing for the residents and sent to IMPACT - Monroe's local access television station. 


Parenting Class

Team Leader: Carolee Goodnough

This six-week class is provided to members and non-members of Trinity. The program is designed to teach parents how to avoid un-winnable power-struggles and arguments, stay calm when your kids do terrible upsetting things, set enforceable limits, avoid enabling and begin empowering, help your children learn from mistakes rather than repeating them, raise children who are family members rather than dictators. 

Prayer Shawls 

Team Leader: Marge French 734-244-4551

Members of this team meet to knit or crochet "prayer shawls" that are available to members of Trinity to give to anyone they know that is struggling and needs a "hug from God." The shawls are prayed over while being made and are blessed in a church service when complete. 

Servant Hearts for Los Limones 

Team Leader: Anita Thompson 951-551-4627

The purpose of this team is to help the people of Los Limones come to faith in our Savior Jesus Christ and become spitually and physically healthier. This team is currently working on projects to raise funding to help the Los Limones families build a church and to provide seeds and training so they can raise food to better provide for their families. 

Stephen Ministry 

Team Leader: Dave Bork 734-242-5667

This team has received training that allows them to come along side of a grieving person or an individual going through a difficult life situation to provide Christian care. Stephen Ministers are available to members of Trinity and to others in the community that may have a need. 


Team Leaders: Steve and Melissa McAuliffe 734-457-0140

This is an annual event that is held each year with in the Trinity parking lot. The purpose of this event is to enjoy fellowship with those in our neighborhood and to share our Christian care and concern. 

School Support


This team supports the school by hosting family fellowship events, supporting school wide activities, and providing fundraising opportunities to raise support for school needs. 

Moms - Time Out! 

Team Leader: Nancy Gross

Moms - Time Out! encourages and equips mothers of young children to realize their potential as mothers, women, and leaders in relationship to Jesus, and in partnership with the local church. 

7th/8th Grade Washington D.C. Class Trip

Team Leader: Tracey Hackbarth

The purpose of his team is to raise funds for an educational trip to Washington D.C. for the 7th/8th grade students at Trinity. 

Trinity Alumni Group (TAG)

Team Leader: Elizabeth Desloover 734-777-9691

This group supports past, present, and future Trinity Lutheran School families and alumni. 

Worship Support Teams 


Team Leader: Daniel Potts 734-242-2308

This group enhances worship for the whole family of Trinity by lighting candles for each service. Volunteers are primarily confirmation participants, but others are welcome. This might be a nice opportunity for a parent/child serving together. 

Altar Guild

Team Leader: Marilyn Evans 734-457-2639

These volunteers prepare the sanctuary for worship by displaying the appropriate altar vestments and preparing supplies necessary for communion. 

Candle Fillers 

Team Leaders: Laura Strube 734-457-0982

This group works in teams that can be made up of family members or a group of friends. Each team takes a turn filling the oil candles in the church and chapel once a week for a week for a month at a time. Each team usually serves two months out of the year. 


Leader: Mary Holtzen 734-770-6374 

The purpose of this group is to provide special choral music to enhance the worship experience for all congregation. Practices are held on Tuesday evenings (excluding the summer months). All are welcome!


Leaders: Barb Wolfenbarger 734-243-6314 and                                 Jane Lemke 734-241-0639 

These volunteers are a welcoming presence to all who come to worship. To be a part of this team, members should be knowledgeable about our facilities, our Trinity 101 class, and the various ways people can get involved at Trinity. 

Power Point Team 

Leader: Lori Kirk 734-384-4474 

The volunteers from this group run the power point during worship services, helping to lead the congregation through the elements of the service. Training is available. Volunteers will generally be scheduled for one service once or twice a month. 

Praise Band

The praise band leads the music for our contemporary worship service at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays. 

Sound Board

Leader: Morris Leonard 734-586-8223

This group runs the sound board, thereby, regulating sound for all worship services. 


Leader: Mike Strube 734-457-0982 

Teams of ushers serve at each service. The ushers assist with the flow of worship. They also greet and help people find seats as well as helping visitors navigate the facilities.